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2021 Tax Client Questionnaire

2021 Client Questionnaire-Large Print

Our Tax Numbers Guide keeps key 2021 & prior tax data at your finger tips.  Click here for our Tax Numbers Desk Guide

Want to learn how the latest changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans apply to you?  Check the SBA's updated here: PPP (sba.gov)

How much did you receive from the Economic Impact (Covid-19 Stimulus) Payments?  Follow this: Get My Payments

Want to find out the status of your tax refund?  Click on this link: Where's my Refund?

How about the status of your amended reeturns?  Click here: Amended Return Status

Follow this link to find IRS Forms & Publications for more information on many tax subjects: IRS Forms & Publications

Our Client Questionnaire helps you get your information in order and allows you to understand the exact nature of our agreement to provide services and outlines the extent of the services we offer.

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